for loader from 1,5 to 3,5tons lifting capacity

  • S45 Basic equipment
  • S46
  • S47 High tip function
  • Special: Removable sideparts
  • Opened
  • Basic equipment
  • Special: S46
  • Special: S47 High tip function
  • Special: S47 High tip function
  • Special: S47 High tip function


The Silagebucket is designed for collection and transportation of silage and loading of manure.

Standard equipment

• With highwear resistand cutting edge (150x20mm, 500HB)
• With strong substructure with several wear stripes
• Bucket height 650mm, bucket depth 850mm
• With 1 (above 2000mm 2) sickle reinforcements
• With 2 hydraulic cylinders (max. 220 bar)
• Opening width 1250mm
• Grapple with 2 (above 2000mm 4) bearings
• With side sickles for reduced transport losses (not for S46)


Punkt1 + Punkt2 + Punkt3 = PunktF
Choose Product Choose Product
WidthVolumeTinesWeightTeile-Nr. Request
1350 mm675 l4540 kgS45 BA-A8
1500 mm790 l4560 kgS45 BA-10
1650 mm840 l4605 kgS45 BA-A1
1800 mm925 l5620 kgS45 BA-13
2000 mm1040 l5670 kgS45 BA-15
2200 mm1140 l6745 kgS45 BA-17
2400 mm1250 l6790 kgS45 BA-19
2600 mm1350 l7835 kgS45 BA-22
2800 mm1440 l7880 kgS45 BA-24
Loader QUICK COUPLER (Indicate Brand & type) Loader QUICK COUPLER (Indicate Brand & type)
Euro-System (min. 1650mm width)AF-M4
Frontloader without Euro-coupling systemNE-02
Courtloader with max. 1,5to lifting capacityNE-41
Wheelloader with Z-bar KinematicNE-59
All other wheel- or telescopic loaderNE-51
Please indicate ALWAYS manufacturer and type of the loader on inquiries or orders!
RAL 7043 Color RAL 7043 - greyFA-02
RAL 9005 Color RAL 9005 - blackFA-03
MF Color similar to MF redFA-10
John Deere Color similar to John Deere greenFA-07
Grapple opens behind the cutting edge (without side sickles)S46
Removable bucket sideparts (screwed)SH-02
High wear res. substruc. and cutting edge (200x20mm, 500HB) per meterS2-03
Screwed knife (dbl. bevelded, 200x20mm, 500HB) per meterS2-06
High tip function (1650mm width, + 350kg, + 1x DA needed)S47s
High tip function (1800 and 2000mm width, + 350kg, + 1x DA needed)S47m
High tip function (above 2000mm width, + 350kg, + 1x DA needed)S47l
Switch valve 12V / 90l in connection with high tip functionUV-02
Pressure limiting valve (needed for pressures above 220 bar)DB-01
Pressure holding valve (needed for Bobcat, Dieci, Merlo, MF, aso.)DH-01
With Kramer Smart-Attach Coupler (min. 2m width, only 1 DA)QK-15
Delivery FCA at factory Visselhövede (Transportcosts on request)
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