for loader from 1,5 to 6tons lifting capacity

  • Rear view
  • Front view
  • Special: Side shift, swich valve
  • Special: Side shift, swich valve
  • Special: Integrated sideshift ISO II
  • Special: Integrated sideshift ISO III
  • Special: Integrated sideshift ISO IV



The Fork Positioner is designed for loading goods on pallets. The high value pallet fork tines are adjustable by hydraulic in the distance to each other. This function works syncron. Please note: It is not possible to grab or clamp materials between the tines.

Standard equipment

• 2 forged pallet fork tines
• Fork produced acc. ISO 2330 and ISO 2328
• Lifting capacity by center of gravity: ISO 2/3 = 500mm, ISO 4 = 600mm
• Syncron working tine adjustment
• Width over all (standard model):
   2500kg lifting capacity ISO FEM II B = 1410 mm
   3500-4500kg lifting capacity ISO FEM III B = 1450 mm
   6000kg lifting capacity ISO FEM IV B = 1510 mm

11/2020 - NEW ! Now with optional integrated sideshift available. The working range of the tines are used also for sideshifting. This reduces the own weight and center of gravity. Up to the position of the tines it allows a bigger working range of the side shift than before. For this function is an electrical 12V powerline needed.

Free selectable colors (Pallet fork carrier) Other colors possible for an extra surcharge 
RAL 7043 RAL 7043 RAL 9005 RAL 9005 RAL 6011 RAL 6011 RAL 2011 RAL 2011 Farbe Others (on request)

Color of pallet fork tines: RAL 7021 greyblack

Express - Several variants available quickly!


Punkt1 + Punkt2 + Punkt3 = PunktF
Choose Product Choose Product
Tine lengthLifting capacityNormRange (mi-mi)WeightPart-No. Request
900 mm2500 kgISO 2 B170 – 1065 mm320 kgH20 ZL-09
1000 mm2500 kgISO 2 B170 – 1065 mm325 kgH20 ZL-10
1100 mm2500 kgISO 2 B170 – 1065 mm330 kgH20 ZL-11
1200 mm2500 kgISO 2 B170 – 1065 mm335 kgH20 ZL-12
1300 mm2500 kgISO 2 B170 – 1065 mm345 kgH20 ZL-13
1500 mm2500 kgISO 2 B170 – 1065 mm355 kgH20 ZL-15
900 mm3500 kgISO 3 B190 – 1045 mm440 kgH21 ZL-09
1000 mm3500 kgISO 3 B190 – 1045 mm450 kgH21 ZL-10
1100 mm3500 kgISO 3 B190 – 1045 mm455 kgH21 ZL-11
1200 mm4500 kgISO 3 B190 – 1045 mm495 kgH21 ZL-12
1300 mm3500 kgISO 3 B190 – 1045 mm475 kgH21 ZL-13
1500 mm4500 kgISO 3 B190 – 1045 mm525 kgH21 ZL-15
1200 mm6000 kgISO 4 B210 – 1025 mm705 kgH22 ZL-12
Loader QUICK COUPLER (Indicate Brand & type) Loader QUICK COUPLER (Indicate Brand & type)
Frontloader without Euro-coupling systemNE-02
Courtloader with max. 1,5to lifting capacityNE-18
ISO 2 [only H20]NE-11
ISO 3 [only H21]NE-13
ISO 4 [only H22]NE-15
Wheel- or telescopic loaderNE-51
Excavator Lehnhoff MS03, MS08NE-70
Please indicate ALWAYS manufacturer and type of the loader on inquiries or orders!
Wider model ISO 2 (adjustable range 370-1355mm)BV-21
Wider model ISO 3 (adjustable range 350-1335mmBV-31
Wider model ISO 4 (adjustable range 330-1315mm)BV-41
Integrated sideshift electrically switched 12V (max. ca. 400mm)HS-03
Integrated sideshift hydraulicaly switched 2xDA (max. ca. 400mm)HS-04
Pressure limiting valve (needed for pressures above 220 bar)DB-01
Pressure holding valve (needed for Bobcat, Dieci, Merlo, MF, aso.)DH-01
Delivery FCA at factory Visselhövede (Transportcosts on request)
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