for loader from 3,5 to 12tons lifting capacity

  • S25
  • S20 Waved knive
  • S20 Special: Lifting device, push-off wall, edged knife
  • S25 Waved knive
  • S20
  • S20 Special: Push-off wall
  • S20 Special: Push-off wall
  • S20
  • S20
  • S20
  • S25
  • S25
  • S25
  • S25
  • S25
  • S25
  • S25
  • S25
  • S25


The Silagecutter is designed for clean cut of all kinds of silage. The bendsave cutting shield cuts even extrem compressed silage.

Standard equipment

• Thick material main tube with welded cones
• Bend save grapple, Opening width ca. 1300mm
• Optional with waved or edged knife (screwed)
• High value full material heavy duty tines, 1000mm length, Sidetines with 50mm diameter (S XL)
S20 SILAGECUTTER B (1570-2200mm width)
• With 2 hydraulic cylinders (max. hydraulic pressure 220 bar)
IMPORTANT! The smallest possible working width must be 450mm wider than the width of the quick-coupling-frame of the loader!
S25 SILAGECUTTER B HD - heavy duty series (2410-2620mm width)
• With 4 hydraulic cylinders (max. hydraulic pressure 220 bar)
• Extreme strong construction

Free selectable colors Other colors possible for an extra surcharge 
RAL 7043 RAL 7043 RAL 9005 RAL 9005 RAL 6011 RAL 6011 RAL 2011 RAL 2011 Farbe Others (on request)


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Choose Product Choose Product
TypeVolumeBlockdim.TinesWeightPart-No. Request
B 1571940 l157x130x95 cm121100 kgS20 BA-41
B 1782200 l178x130x95 cm141190 kgS20 BA-42
B 1992460 l199x130x95 cm161280 kgS20 BA-43
B 2202720 l220x130x95 cm181370 kgS20 BA-44
B 241 HD2950 l241x130x95 cm202150 kgS25 BA-45
B 262 HD3200 l262x130x95 cm222280 kgS25 BA-46
Loader QUICK COUPLER (Indicate Brand & type) Loader QUICK COUPLER (Indicate Brand & type)
Tail hydraulic cat. IIAF-15
Tail hydraulic cat. IIIAF-18
Wheelloader with Z-bar KinematicNE-59
Wheel- or telescopic loaderNE-51
Please indicate ALWAYS manufacturer and type of the loader on inquiries or orders!
Free choice: Waved knifeFM-01
Free choice: Edged knifeFM-02
Hydraulic push-off wall (B157-B220, + ca. 320kg, + 1x DA.)S20 AW-02
Hydraulic push-off wall (B241-B262, + ca. 520kg, + 1x DA.)S25 AW-02
Switch valve 12V / 90l (without cable and switch)UV-02
Switch valve 12V / 180l (without cable and switch)UV-04
Switch valve 24V / 180l (without cable and switch)UV-07
Lifting device 1000mm - (+ ca. 360kg, 1 x SA., +280 kg)S01 HH-01
Lifting device 2000mm - (+ ca. 440kg, 1 x SA., +440 kg)S01 HH-02
Pressure limiting valve (needed for pressures above 220 bar)DB-01
Pressure holding valve (needed for Bobcat, Dieci, Merlo, MF, aso.)DH-01
Delivery FCA at factory Visselhövede (Transportcosts on request)
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